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An Ode to Soup

Certain foods have a way of sending us back in time, removing us from the endless notifications and constant connectivity that characterize modern life and transporting us back to the simpler days of childhood. Everyone has their own special comfort food, but for me the time travel capacity of soup trumps all else.

Whenever I swallow a spoonful of well-made chicken soup, for example, I’m transported through time and space back to the family table of my oldest friend. His mother’s chicken soup recipe was, and still is, second to none and I look back fondly on the meals I shared there.1 Meanwhile, a worthy corn chowder is a one-way ticket back to the long-gone Bob Shaw’s deli/gas station2 where the soup was so tasty that my mother used it to bribe me for good behavior.  Who would have guessed that the secret to calming a hyperactive 9 year old was a styrofoam bowl of corn chowder?

Almost everyone geeks out over one food or another – I just happen to favor the liquid-solid one-two punch found in a bowl of piping hot soup.  Still, I’m hardly a pretentious soup eater.  I’ve often turned to Campbell’s or Progresso to get my fix, and I’ve even waded into the murkier waters3 of Nissin and Maruchan products.

As for my own culinary prowess, I’ve cooked up a few homemade soups over the years but am certainly no Larry Thomas.4 As I make new soups, The Soup Kid will be a playground for posting recipes as well as reviews of canned and prepackaged soups of all kinds, and whatever other soup musings I may have.  With this blog, I intend to dive head first into the world of soup.  Don’t worry though, its plenty deep.

  1. her chocolate cupcakes also deserve a mention []
  2. one hell of a combo []
  3. murky from all the sodium, I suppose []
  4. more commonly known as The Soup Nazi []
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